Welcome to Geoff’s hunting blog, here I will write about various hunting topics, providing you with tips and equipment reviews to ensure you have the best knowledge on hutting for your next hunt! I have been hunting for 17 years and consider myself now to be a professional, but there is always something to improve on in the hunting game!

I got into hunting when I was only 12 years old, practising with a crossbow moving onto rifles, which in my opinion is the most superior hunting weapon everybody should be using. During the next upcoming months I will be providing you with a diary of my hunting days and hopefully(depending on my camera budget!) a video log of kills and trophies.

I will be purchasing all new equipment for this journey and will let you know exactly what brands and prices I pay, as well as providing the websites where I got these prices, recently I purchased a brand new Barnett Ghost crossbow to practise with since I have been using a rifle for other 10 years, you can find a pretty decent guide for crossbows here which helped me choose my new crossbow. They also have some great rates and guides on other various hunting equipment which I use, I have also subscribed and will keep you up to date with the latest information they provide, I would also encourage you to subscribe to them too as they are a great resource!

Another idea I am going to provide you guys with is, wait for it! …….Recipes! Thats right! Food is essential when out hunting, especially over night and longer hunts, I will provide you with easy to make .

Please feel free to get in touch and let me know of any reviews or information you would like to see on the blog. Please also comment to let me know what your opinions are of different hunting equipment! I am looking forward to helping you and documenting my journey hunting! My main targets are whitetail doe and bucks, hopefully collecting some trophies over the year to show off!

At the top left of the page you can subscribe and receive email updates when a new post is made, subscribers will be entered into a monthly competition to win free hunting gear including bows,crossbows,rifles etc the list goes on, so get subscribing! Please get in touch also if you wish to get together and go hunting, company is always welcome and makes it much more enjoyable!

My journey is now set in stone and will be ordering the rest of my kit before I am ready for this summer! I will post a list with pictures of all my kit once I have received it all and tested it, I simply cannot wait to use my new crossbow! If you have any different animals you are interested in seeing on my hunts please do not hesitate to let me know and I will see what I can do.

Have a good day!


– Geoff


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